insulated Catering Boxes

Corrugated & Insulated boxes to transport catering trays & chafing trays

Insulated Catering Boxes

Chase Partitions, Inc. not only designs and manufactures the best corrugated and chipboard interior box packaging and custom die-cut products  in St. Louis – we have also developed a custom box for the catering industry to assist with transport and also display of catering trays.

These insulated catering boxes allow for a single (or multiple) chafing trays to be loaded into an insulated carton that can be safely transported to their final location – all while staying safe and at the perfect temperature while in transit.

Our custom insulated catering boxes feature a scored lid that can be removed allowing the box to be used as an insulated service station, keeping the food warm or cold without having to use an additional fuel source.

Chase Partitions’ insulated catering boxes can also be printed with your catering company’s logo – keeping your presentation at a remote site looking clean and branded while keeping the food at the perfect temperature.

Due to pre-assembly, these catering boxes are very expensive to ship via traditional methods and local pickup is preferred.  Most of our catering box customers are within an hour or two of the St. Louis, Missouri area. 

If you are interested in learning more about our insulated catering boxes, contact us to hear how our Chase Partitions will save your catering company time and money with our insulated catering boxes.

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Complementary Design Services

interior packaging design services

Chase Partitions includes design services in order to help our customers design the packaging that is best for their products.

If you have a product, but are not sure how to package it, let the experts at Chase Partitions design a practical and affordable solution for you. Our packaging designs have appeared in Target, Home Depot, Lowes, and many other retail locations.

Chase Partitions design services are always free and samples of all of our proposed solutions can be provided at no additional cost. Contact us to get started with your interior packaging solutions with Chase Partitions.

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