Our Corrugated Product Line

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Our line of corrugated partitions, pads, and other custom corrugated products are designed to protect your most valuable assets during shipping, while keeping your costs low.

Corrugated Partitions

Our corrugated partitions have higher stacking strenth than our chipboard line, and work well protecting tall products.

Corrugated Pads

Pads in multiple thicknesses are used for both protection and layering when items are packed and secured for transport.

Corrugated Die Cut

Die cut boxes, packaging, and other products are available with complementary design services.

Complementary Design Services

interior packaging design services

Chase Partitions includes design services in order to help our customers design the packaging that is best for their products.

If you have a product, but are not sure how to package it, let the experts at Chase Partitions design a practical and affordable solution for you. Our packaging designs have appeared in Target, Home Depot, Lowes, and many other retail locations.

Chase Partitions design services are always free and samples of all of our proposed solutions can be provided at no additional cost. Contact us to get started with your interior packaging solutions with Chase Partitions.

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